Can you really turn around your employee relations environment in under one year?

Employee satisfaction surveys really work - these two facilities showed almost 25 percent improvement in one year.

These facilities did. Learn how other companies like yours transformed their employee relations environment by reading these case studies.

employee relations consulting, employee satisfaction survey and interventions to improve employee engagement and train front-line supervisors

Employee Relations Consulting - The Next 52 Weeks™
The Next 52 Weeks™ is an employee relations consulting intervention for “at-risk” organizations, based on Phillip B. Wilson's book by the same title. <more…>

Union Campaign Consulting
Download our free eBook on winning a union avoidance campaigns. <more… >

Employee Satisfaction Survey (Opinion Survey)
Download our free eBook on Employee Satisfaction Survey Success. <more… >

Consulting Services for Unionized Companies
Services include training supervisors on managing in a union company, review of current bargaining agreements, and strategy consulting. <more…>

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